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School Suspension Program

The principal of each individual school decides how to use this program. It can be used as an alternative for students to reduce the length of their out-of school suspension from ten to five days, thus preventing automatic failure in some instances. Some principals use this program to determine if a student can resume placement in the current school or must transfer to an alternative school. The program consists of a brief evaluation, which extends over two sessions. A parent is required to come with their child for this evaluation process. Following the first session, the student will be given a letter to confirm initial attendance in the program. This letter can allow the student back into school once the first five days of the suspension are served or as determined by the school principal. At the end of the second session, appropriate recommendations are made to parents for further treatment, counseling, or chemical education if necessary. This program is confidential and information will not be released without a signed informed consent. Regardless of consent, the school official making the referral will receive notice of completion of the program.

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